Cloud-based Energy Efficiency Solution


SmartClime reduces the carbon footprint


Cloud-Based Energy Efficiency Solutions

In early 2016, Connected Holdings introduced SmartClime, a plug and play, cloud-based energy efficiency solution. The solution was designed for small and medium sized businesses and government agencies searching for ways to reduce their operating costs and save money.

Connected Holdings partnered with Smartcool to take their proven energy efficient technology to the cloud. Now our Intelligent Services Platform enables organizations to reduce the energy consumed by air conditioning units, heat pumps and commercial refrigeration systems.

Another part of the innovation came with the development of the CoolArrow, a small unit that connects to a customer’s existing thermostat. The CoolArrow transmits the customer’s system usage data over a wireless network to our Intelligent Services Platform. From there, the Smartcool algorithm analyzes the information and then, sends commands back through the network to optimize the performance of that system.

Customers who utilize SmartClime are able to reduce their energy consumption by 20% or more. And this is just the beginning.

SmartClime uses the Connected Holdings’ Intelligent Services Platform to turn their existing HVAC-R systems into smart systems. Customers can see their savings using any mobile device.

SmartClime Cloud-based Platform
Dashboard of Savings - SmartClime

SmartClime increases property values and helps property owners qualify their facilities as Smart Buildings.


  • SMARTCLIME lowers company’s HVAC-R energy consumption by 20%+
  • Provides greater savings during peak periods when the energy rates are higher
  • Offers immediate payback
  • No capital investment required
  • Businesses can qualify for tax breaks and/or special rebates
  • Increases the value of property
  • Reduces carbon footprint

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