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Over the past couple of years, there’s been a lot of controversy around the FMCSA Hours of Service (HOS) mandate as well as the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) ruling which goes into effect December 18, 2017.

Whether you’re an independent truck driver or small to mid-sized business, Connected Holdings HOS Reporter is an affordable ELD solution that is simple to use and compliant with FMCSA mandates. Our highly secured and private Intelligent Services Platform was built for demands like this! In fact, Connected Holdings and our affiliates have over 3 million connections today. The advantage our end-to-end IoT ecosystem brings is high volume, low cost connected solutions.


  • Date, Time & Location
  • Engine hours
  • Vehicle miles
  • Driver ID
  • Co-Driver support
  • vAuthenticated user
  • State Mileage & Fuel Efficiency Reporting
  • Motor carrier
  • Telematics transfer type ELD or local transfer type ELD
  • Record of Duty Status (RODS) stored 1 year (6 mos is the mandate)
  • North America Coverage
  • Supporting in-vehicle documents



If you are an entrepreneurial-minded professional with a strong network in the trucking and commercial vehicle space, let’s meet.

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3rd Party Integrators

Our Intelligent Services Platform integrates with most 3rd Party Apps. If you’re looking for an asset intelligent platform to integrate with, let’s meet.

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With over 1/2 a million commercial motor carriers active in the U.S. & the HOS mandate approaching, our IoT platform is powerful solution for ELD & fleet management.

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