Connected Dealer Services

Connected Dealer Services

Connected Dealer Services

Dealer Lifecycle Management

In 2016, Connected Holdings launched a new cloud-based Dealer Lifecycle Management (DLM) solution for new car automotive dealerships. Unlike other lot management solutions in the market, Connected Dealer Services (CDS) was built from the ground up specifically for new car dealers using the Intelligent Services Platform as its backbone.

The DLM solution is designed to tether the car and its future owner from its delivery from the OEM all the way to the customer’s trade in on their next new vehicle four years later.

CDS uses the most advance GPS technology. The hardware is easy-to-install – only taking an installer around 10-15 minutes per car for setup. The system transmits vehicle information to the cloud over a reliable wireless network.  For customers, information is provided in real-time even in remote areas so they stay connected to their inventory 24/7/365.  Customers can also access the information as well as have alerts and even reports sent to them using any mobile device.

Here’s an illustration of what that looks like:

CDS How it Works

CDS not only helps auto dealers manage their lots, but also provides them with a great new consumer SVR product to sell at POS called ZAZ GPS.


  • lot management
  • stolen vehicle recovery
  • track & manage loaner fleet
  • streamline audits
  • increase productivity
  • lifecycle management
  • connected car features
  • mobile app
  • instant locate
  • transferrable hardware
  • low battery alert
  • profit center

To learn more about the CDS , visit the website: Take me to CDS