Zeev Collin


Zeev Collin is the President and a co-founder of Montage Systems, the leading supplier of cellular IoT products in the world today. Previously Mr. Collin led the development and successfully commercialization of seminal software modem products through an acquisition by Rockwell/Conexant. Collin was VP of product development and GM of several business units at Conexant Systems, managing diverse international organizations and launching more than 20 successful products including voice-band modems, ADSL, Audio and VoIP. He is a co-founder and board member of Semitech Semiconductor. Zeev Collin received B.Sc. with honors in Computer Engineering and M.Sc. with honors in Computer Science from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and holds 11 patents.

Co-founder: Montage Systems | Semitech Semiconductor (smart grid)

VP-GM BU’s | seminal software products
ADSL, Audio and VoIP