About Connected

Connected Holdings “Connected” is an end-to-end, vertically integrated, Internet of Things “IoT” intelligent services provider.

The Company has developed the Connected “Intelligent Services Platform”. The Connected Intelligent Services Platform is the first platform in the world to consolidate low cost wireless sensor device development and manufacturing with low cost cellular services, cellular connectivity management, over the air device management, financial and billing system management, cloud based analytics processing, and WEB and smart phone consumer application development.

Meet the Founders

Eric Collins


Zeev Collin


Bill Cheney

COO, Director

The founders of Connected have over fifty years of combined relevant experience through senior executive positions with Montage, Spireon, Motorola, Qualcomm, Philips, and Conexant. The two principal leaders of Connected were the drivers of two of the most significant companies in the IoT business today, Spireon (one of the largest intelligence services providers) and Montage (one of the largest manufactures of cellular IoT devices).